30 Wardrobe Essentials Every Girl Must Own 2017

Everyone loves to fool around with fashion to wear something that suits their personality, their attitude. For all the times you get puzzled when you open your closet and sit helplessly wailing “I have nothing to wear.” We are here to help you fix this common problem.

wardrobe essentials every girl should own

Reasons Why You Have Nothing To Wear And Its Solution!

. Closet Full of the same kind of clothes, and the time you want a change you can’t.

. More trendy than basic items. Trends fade away, and after that, you don’t have anything to wear.

. Impulsive Purchases lead you to buy you cant utilise for a long time, and ultimately you can’t wear that maybe because it is poorly fitted or doesn’t suit you.

. It hurts to get rid of old clothes.

. Scared to experiment with clothes. Try to mix and match and think out of the box while dressing yourself up.

Whether you are a trend follower kind of girl or a regular just jeans and tee kind of girl, Here are 30 wardrobe essentials that you should own to slay all day.


1. Striped Button Down shirt

In my opinion, a striped button down shirt is crucial because it goes well with jeans and trousers and if it is big enough, it can also be worn as a shirt dress. All you have to do is add 1-2 men’s belt near your waist, and you are good to go.


2. Little Black Dress

wardrobe essentials every girl should own

You must have seen little black dresses in almost everyone’s wardrobe. It is found everywhere because well, it is easy to find in all the shops and also it is effortless to accessorise. In the morning, it can be paired with sneakers and a delicate neck piece, and for the night, you can accessorise it with a statement necklace and a pair of sexy heels.


3. Anything checks

This season, checks are killing it everywhere. You can find them on shirts, tees, kurtas, trousers, jackets, heck even heels. They are something that never really go out of fashion. They are like a level lower than denim in being a classic.


4. Neutral tote

30 Wardrobe Essentials Every Girl Must Own 2017


Tote bags are very spacious and comfortable to carry around unlike purses. They can be paired with anything and everything. I’d prefer to buy a neutral coloured tote bag because then you don’t have to worry about pairing it with only a couple of colours.


5. Pastel shade sneakers

Sneakers are a gift from humans. They are adorable and perfect for every outfit. Pairing anything with sneakers makes the outfit look more casual and fun. I recommend a pastel shade because they are fantastic and comfortable. Plus, they look good too.


6. Over the top statement necklace

Adding a statement necklace can make all the difference in an outfit. It makes you look elegant while not screaming “Look at me” everywhere you go. But remember to pair it with the right clothes or else it can turn into a disaster.


7. Black pumps

Black pumps are something that you can wear with shorts, kurtas, jeans, sarees, and what not. You do not have to think about pairing it with anything because they already add the “oomph” factor be it what every you are pairing it with. Also, it makes you feel sexy about yourself.


8. Stockings

Be it fishnet stockings or panty hose; a stocking is a must. You can wear it under shorts, ripped jeans, a cute dress or simply a long shirt. They make any outfit cute and wearing them will just make you feel less conscious about yourself.


9. Ruffles, ruffles everywhere

God bless the person who created ruffles. They can look majestic if just made up with the right fabric. If you have seen the video of Beyoncé’s “Hold up” from her latest album “Lemonade”, you must have noticed her dress. It was a yellow coloured dress full of ruffles, but somehow she managed to look thin and incredibly gorgeous. A ruffled net over-top or dress also gives you the cute and sexy look.


10. Loose over-sized tee

wardrobe essential for girls

A loose over-sized top is a MUST in every wardrobe. After a long day, all you feel like doing is coming back home and wearing extra comfy clothes. Maybe something like an oversized top with shorts. They are too comfortable and just makes you feel cosy. They can be dressed to go out too by tying it in the bottom-side or just wearing it as a shirt dress.


11. Platform wedges

Platform wedges are all over the place. Every shopping website that you visit, you can see summer platform dresses, and I literally can not get over how cute they are. They give the look of that “extra” in a simple outfit of a tee and jeans.


12. Stacked rings

This piece of jewellery is something that I just cannot live without. Rings are already impressive and top it up, staked midi-rings have also been introduced. These rings never fail to impress because they look so much yet so subtle.


13. Versatile ankle boots

Ankle boots never fail to impress me. They are something that always makes your outfit look like you are ready to party even though you just want to go to the grocery store to buy something for yourself. They give you the confidence to talk to people and make you feel more authoritative.


14. The right-fit tailored trousers

Trousers are something that can make you look like a fashion disaster and trust me; you do not want to be called a fashion disaster. A right fitted tailored trousers are something that is very formal. It can not be paired with a casual shirt. So, you have to be careful but a pair of formal clothing is a must, and that’s why trousers are also a must.


15. Clutch

Clutches are something whose designs change over time but is always important. You can put your makeup items, phone, keys, money, and everything important in a small, cute looking clutch. Clutches match with almost everything and are also really easy to carry around.


16. Button down denim dress

wardrobe essentials

Denim material is something that is never out of fashion. A button-down denim dress has multiple uses. It can be worn as a dress or an over a coat or just a shrug. They blend in with any outfit and having these means you have an extra pair of clothing.


17. Anything vintage

Vintage is gold. It has so much of the classic beauty in it that it will be perfect for every occasion. Also, having a vintage clothing item means you get to boast off about it because vintage is everything. Vintage clothing is something that is perfect for a night-out or a meet-up with friends.


18. Oversized watch

These are also called boyfriend watch. They scream out the statement “BASIC” which is something that people strive to look for these days. Remember: Basic is the new more.


19. Wrap dress

Wrap dresses hug your body and yet hides those fats in your stomach area. They give more of the mature and girly look. They are perfect as an evening wear, but I wouldn’t recommend it for a wild-party night.


20. Zip-front hoodies

God bless the person who created hoodies. Hoodies are perfect in every way. They show the “I don’t care” type of an attitude. They are the clothing of a carefree person. They are so comfortable that I could survive wearing a hoodie and shorts for the rest of my life.


21. Sports shoes

Buy how many ever fancy shoes you like, but at the end of the day, you return to the sports shoes. They are bae. They are your first choice for long walks and treks because you know that they will support you no matter what and not give you those horrible foot pain and shoe bites.


22. A lovely smelling perfume

30 Wardrobe Essentials Every Girl Must Own 2017

Well, they are a powerful piece of your outfit. Find the one and stick with it making it your signature scent.


23. Pyjamas

I have already ranted on and on about how comfortable loose tees are but pyjamas are life too. They are perfect for a sleep-over and of course, pyjama parties are the Best or what!


24. Trench Coat

Well, you must be aware of Priyanka Chopra’s Met Gala trench-coat style gown by Ralph Lauren. It sure did cause a whole big wave of mixed feelings, but she did slay it in the after party though! Trench coats are very stylish and can be worn with a dress, a tee, a pair of jeans or just nothing at all. It will still look good somehow.


26. Leather Jacket

Leather jackets are something that goes with everything. It always has the vibe of a biker-chick. They make you seem like the show-stopper of any place that you visit.

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27. Long Liners

Long liners are marvellous. They have such a unique look. People think that they are not perfect for short height girls but trust me, they will look perfect if you bring in the right size.


28. Kurta

Kurtas have such a desi look which is amazing. When you have an important meeting and have nothing to wear, kurtas will always have you back. They can be worn as a formal clothing as well as an informal dress.


29. Cardigans

These are amazing and can even make your boring outfit an interesting one by making it look chicer. They can be paired with shorts, dresses, jeans, anything.


30. Denims

30 Wardrobe Essentials Every Girl Must Own 2017

Denim is so basic and timeless. They are like the Milind Soman of Bollywood. Old yet young and sexy. They are comfortable, and we never have to make the tough decision like what we should wear with denim because they look amazing with anything and everything effortlessly.

So ladies, if you do not have any of these wardrobe essentials, it’s time for shopping and updating.

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