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Hey there! Beautiful people.  Welcome to Fashionbloodhound. I am Alisha Shireen (Dimple) and I own this lovely woman-centered blog. Here we talk about Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle, Product Reviews, DIYs and what not.

From real Swatches to Reviews of the products, from your first date look to your wedding look, and from a smokey eye makeup tutorial to picking out the perfect outfit for any occasion.It is the ideal place for all your problems to be solved instantly under one roof.

FashionBloodhound is a real savior to many girls out there and is undoubtedly going to help you to hook up your desire and get extra gorgeous with the best beauty and hair tips, tutorials, reviews of products before you buy and use them and helping you to get into fashion spontaneously by keeping you updated with the latest trends. It also intends to encourage girls to feel confident about their looks, and enjoy their life to the fullest.

My Website is assuredly for females #GIRLBOSS who want to keep up with the new fashion and beauty trends. We love to help our readers to solve their problems and concerns. We also write about topics that can help you to manage your daily life. Let me tell you, I am feminist af.

It’s not that I am perfect or I know everything and I am the best person to give you advice on something but Yes, I am still learning about embracing mine imperfections. I feel it is better when we learn from our mistakes when we fall and when we are messy. It’s great to be flawed, only then we can wake up the next day and stand up again and take a step towards embracing ourselves as the way we are. #BEYOU.


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It’s True. When women support each other, Incredible things happen!

I affectionately Welcome you to #Fashionbloodhound_Fam.


– Let Fashion Live Longer.