Hoomans of Earth, Welcome! Do you just want to sit down comfortably with a warm cup of coffee in one hand and just want to pass your time reading about girl stuff? Well, you are in the right place. We here in FBH have articles from fashion to beauty to looks and what not.
We will help you to bring out the real you by helping you out in every way that we can. If fashion is something that you love, you will enjoy your time here. Fashion is not only about trends and looks, it’s a whole new world filled with the glamour of which you can never get bored. It is an ever-changing field which, to be honest, surprises you!
Let us warn you… we are a bunch of nerds… FASHION NERDS who are always at par with what’s going on. We are just like Tyrion Lannister… we read (instead of drink) and know things.


We are not here to make you follow trends. Everyone follows trends. What’s important is style. YOUR STYLE. Whether you are a feminist, or a person cocooned up who would like to be free, we will help you find your style! We will guide you in finding yourself through fashion and beauty.
We are all beautiful and nothing what so ever is going to change that fact. The world of fashion is not just about fashion. We will try to bring a whole new definition of fashion for you. As you might have seen in movies that only the prettiest of girls are popular in school and the nerd is always made to look like a loser, it is not at all true. We will help you embrace all of you be it those dangerous and hot curves or your extremely thin and sexy body. Be proud of who you are and we will try our best to encourage you to do so.
If you find yourself struggling with what to wear on a date night or how to put on make-up for a formal day, worry not as you will find the solution to those problems here.
As our motto suggests, we would like to keep fashion young through all age groups. You all know that fashion is forever. Then why have a motto to keep it younger?
Well, we would like everyone to know about what is going on at present even though you might like something that was there in fashion during 2000’s maybe.
Ladies, we all know what we can do if we get together. We can build this awesome #FBHFAM and become a family. Do subscribe and keep coming back for more updates on us and the fashion world.

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Aparna Pandey
Marketing Manager

One of the defining characteristics of a startup is their lack of structural obstacles. I was able to communicate freely with everybody on the team and I could see high levels of team spirit and harmony.

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Madison Huie
Marketing Manager

Most people are nervous when they work with bigger companies and as a result tend to make more mistakes. Skimbox, however, held their nerves and produced valuable work for us.

Amy Treloar

Having worked with a load of different people and organizations; I can guess how effective a team will be by looking at how they interact with the team. Skimbox didn’t disappoint. They had great team chemistry and working with them was a stress-free process.

Madison Huie

A gem cannot be polished without friction. Working with Skimbox had its ups and down; however, through their trials and tribulation, I have realised their dedication to their goal to provide the best digital marketing solutions possible. I will gladly work with them again.

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Marketing Manager

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Marketing Manager

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Fashion is not to follow trends;

but to express what comes from within you.

The brainchild of Aman Shams, Skimbox is a digital marketing initiative with experts from all walks of life. What binds us is our passion for technology and doing great things together. We are at your service from founder to an intern – all hands on deck pushing to achieve results.

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Co-founder and COO
Head of Videography
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Aman Shams
Founder and CEO
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