Ancient beauty secrets that you should be knowing

Who knew that to get the best look and maintaining a face would require help by going ages back to Greece or Egypt, to get the secrets revealed. But we have it sorted for you as we will talk about what were the products back then that the women used back in those times and are still available. Over the centuries these remedies which are about mention have been tried and tested by women all over the world and proven to be effective.

As soon as something ancient and beauty strikes in your mind you might as well get reminded of Cleopatra, the famous Egyptian queen known for her beauty. She turned her beauty into a weapon to safeguard her kingdom.

Here are some of the secrets that made Cleopatra known for her beauty. Some of them might make you feel gross but that as what made Cleopatra a famous queen.

  • She used crocodile dung and mixed it with donkey’s milk as a face mask
  • She spent hours taking a bath in milk with rose petals in it, which was then adopted by other women as well.
  • Her cheeks were covered using a mixture of clay and crushed beetles.

Following are the secrets that made women back then look beautiful and are still available for you to try and taste the essence of how ancient women used to look centuries ago.

Honey and Milk Bath

First up on the list is honey and milk bath and Cleopatra was known for taking a bath using this combination. Honey is rich in antioxidants and milk in providing sufficient amount of minerals and proteins. Honey and milk are the two most common ingredients found in today’s kitchen and this being said women are more likely to use this method.

Here are a few benefits of using both honey and milk while taking a bath:

  • Smooth Skin: Milk hydrates skin and preventing it from dryness
  • Saves from Irritation: skin irritations are common for many adults and children which leads to eczema
  • Helps in reducing dark spots and brightens the skin color.


Olive Oil

Olive oil was made famous by the Greeks as the Olive tree was an essential symbol in their ancient times. And ancients called this is a “Golden” product and if you are wondering why then here are some of its benefits:

  • Blood Pressure: Olive oil helps in reducing high blood pressure, which lowers the risk of heart-related diseases
  • Curing Cancer: Comes with antioxidants which help in fighting radicals that cause cancer.

Gently massage and leave it on your hair for about 30 minutes to 1 hour by, to make your hair smooth and silky.

Olive Oil


Aromatherapy massage

Massage is at the top of many women’s list these days and add to that aroma balms and oils; the massage therapy gets even better.

Here are a few benefits of aroma that made ancient ladies use it:

  • Helps in coping with problems related to mental illness like anxiety, insomnia and panic attacks.
  • Prevents cold, flu and infection by improving the immune system
  • The aroma oils include antiseptic properties that help in treating cuts and wounds.
  • It reduces the swelling and redness around joints.
  • Also decreases nervous and stress-related conditions.
  • And the last one, it boosts blood circulation.

Aromatherapy Massage

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Egg White

Well as much as eggs are credited for the smoothness of your hair, back in the ancient time’s eggs were used on faces as well. Eggs in the 16th Century were used on faces of women helping in tightening and improving the texture of the skin.

And the surprising fact here is that Egyptians believed that their God created the egg from sun and moon. Have a look at what makes ladies from ancient Egypt use egg whites:

  • The proteins in the egg white help in maintaining the elasticity of the skin and also in reducing the wrinkles present in the skin.
  • The Magnesium present in the egg white gives your skin a youthful and a radiant look.
  • It helps in the hydrating and moisturizing skin with the amount of potassium present in it.

You can also try egg white with lemon which helps your skin in getting rid of oil and makes your skin acne-free.

Egg White

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Flower and Herbs

Not only the essence or the smell of the roses and flowers make one feel better but also they come with natural pigments which help in soothing and nourishing dry skin.

We should thank the Greeks for turning herbs and flowers into cosmetics which now is a massive industry. This made Greeks accolade rose as the “Queen of flowers.”

The following are some of the benefits of flowers and herbs:

  • Prevents aging as these are loaded with calcium and vitamin A
  • The antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties fused in flowers help in curing acne.
  • They darken and smooth the hair; all you need to do is apply it while after shampooing.
  • It prevents excessive sweating and helps in eliminating body odour.

Flower and Herbs

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Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera was first tried and tested by Egyptians for the medical benefits it poses. And the Egyptians also called Aloe Vera as the “Plant of Immortality.”

The gel-like liquid inside the Aloe Vera leaves fused with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. This gel which we find in many creams helps in keeping skin moist. Aloe Vera helps in preventing aging-related issues like acne and wrinkles. It also serves as a moisturizer that aids in the prevention of dryness of the skin.


So what are you waiting for, these ingredients are still available in the market and are easy to use. But with modern technology and science, they are well blended with other nutrients and ingredients making it safe to use on your body.

Skin and hair care are essential aspects of women’s lives and not just centuries ago but also even today.

And these are some of the secrets that women in ancient times used as their beauty routines and makeup rituals. Do you know any of the ancient secrets apart from the ones that are mentioned above? If yes, then write to us in the comments section below, and we’ll make sure that we try it out as well.


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