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Buying or using soap is a ubiquitous thing. You probably would have been using soap from your childhood. But did you ever thought that picking up the right kind of soap for your skin can be a tricky task? With the extensive range of soaps that we get today, like bar soaps, body washes, shower gels, exfoliating soaps, herbal soaps body scrubs, beauty bars, anti-bacterial soaps and even exfoliating soaps, all are suitable for a  specific skin type. Choosing the right soap can be as difficult as bathing on Mondays. Lol!


Soap helps us to keep our skin clean and make it free from any excess oil, sweat, and bad odor. It also helps our body to keep away any dermal problems. Several soaps have their unique use, and the primary factor in choosing a bar of soap depends on your skin type. It is the most crucial aspect while picking the ideal soap for your face and body.


Here is the article that will surely help you to choose the best soap for your face and skin along with the list of best soaps in the market.


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best soap for women


Guide To Select The Ideal Soap For Your Skin Type

1. Dry Skin :

Soap cleans out any excess oil from your skin. So, people with dry skin should choose soaps that have to moisturizing ingredients in it, such as glycerine, coconut oil, almonds, milk protein, avocado and other essential oils. These type of soaps also works well for most skin types in winter days.

2. Oily Skin :

As soaps clear out excess oil from skin, Oily skin type should wash face more often and use soaps that are gentle on skin. Ingredients in soap such as sea salt, mint, oatmeal, lemon, brown sugar etc. can do wonders to the skin and also refreshes it.

3. Acne Prone Skin:

If you’re looking for a soap that fights acne and is safe to use while you have acne prone skin, You should consider that the soap should not contain harsh chemicals that may bother or irritate your acne prone skin. Ingredients such as tea tree extract, Salicylic acid, organic herbs, glycerin etc. can help your acne problem.

4. Sensitive Skin :

There are many soaps available in the market which are used for sensitive skin. Just make sure that the soap should have balanced PH levels, Salicylic acid, organic ingredients and herbal things in it. This would save you from any irritation or other skin issues.

5. Normal Skin: 

This type of skin is not too oily nor too dry. This is the skin I have, and hence I highly recommend you to use soap that is herbal and has balanced PH levels. Too many chemicals or fragrance may lead your skin to issues.  The soap should contain essential oils, lemon, fruits, tea tree extract, glycerin etc.


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Best Soaps For Face And Body!

Now that you know that what type of soap may suit your skin and face. Let’s get onto the list of best soap for your face and body.

1.Dove Beauty Bathing Bar.

best soaps for acne prone skin

Dove is one of the best soap that we get be it a national or international market. With ¼ moisturizing cream, Dove makes the skin look soft, radiant and smooth. It’s not just soap but a beauty bar. It is perfect for all types of skin and gives instant glow, smoothness, and softness to the skin. Some of the best Dove soaps are – Dove Pink/Rosa Beauty Bathing Bar, Dove Go Fresh Moisture Beauty Bathing Bar, Dove Sensitive and Dove Original Cream Beauty Bathing Bar.

Purchase Link: Buy Dove Beauty Bathing Bar.


2. Pears Pure Gentle Soap.

Best soaps for skin body and face

Pears soap contains glycerin, natural oils and other natural herbs that make it one of the best soap we have in the market. Dermatologists and pediatricians widely recommend it to everyone. It makes the skin soft, supple and moisturizes intensely. It is so pure that you can see through it. Some of the best pear soaps are – Pears Pure & Gentle, Pears Germshield, Pears Oil Clear.

Purchase Link: Buy Pears Pure Gentle Soap.


3. Liril Soap With Tea Tree Oil.

best soaps for skin

Being the oldest brand of soap, it can never disappoint you. Liril is packed with the zing of Lime for that distinct freshness. Its new comeback as Liril 2000 with tea tree oil helps your skin to fight any infections; It contains Tea Tree oil which fights pimples and itches. When you are tired and sweaty, it is the best soap as it gives you instant freshness. It leaves the skin a bit dry so, I suggest that it should not be used in winters by dry skin people.

Purchase Link: Click here.


4. Cetaphil Dry Cleansing Bar.

How to choose the ideal soap for skin?

Cetaphil dry cleansing bar is specially designed for the dry and sensitive skin as it makes the skin smooth and hydrated. This soap is free from any harsh detergents and chemicals. It is gentle on the skin and keeps the skin hydrated for a long time. Even a baby can use this product hence this justifies why this product is on the list today.

Purchase Link: Click here.


5. Aveeno Fragrance-Free Soap.

best soaps for face and body

Frequently Asked Questions!

how to choose ideal soap for my skin

1.Bar Soap Or Body Wash – Which Is Better For you?

Now that you know that what type of soap may suit your skin and face. Let’s get into this serious dilemma that most of us face. Which is better for you, a soap bar or a body wash!

Consider these tips next time when you’re out for shopping.

1. Most of the Body Wash is gentle on the skin, and hence you can use it over the whole body and face. But when it comes to Bar Soaps it can make the body, especially face very dry. Good news is this that nowadays few bar soaps in the market are gentle to the skin and doesn’t contain harmful chemicals. Soaps like Dove contain ingredients like aloe vera, milk, glycerin, essential oils and other hydrating elements. Therefore if you are concerned about your skin, I highly suggest you choose your bathing item keeping this in mind.


2. Body Wash due to its packaging is very convenient to use and travel whereas soaps can be messy. So, if you are a person who loves traveling body wash should be your staple because picking up a wet soap and dropping it in your travel bag is not a good idea.


3. Body Washes are more hygienic because all of us know that soaps are exposed all the time, and it can be contaminated. Also using soap that someone else can be quietly rumpled. Body washes are stored nicely, and you can use it whenever you want without worrying that someone else might have used it.


2. Can I Use Any Soap To Wash My Hair?

Ordinarily, if you have a chemical free, natural soap, then it could work well for your hair otherwise, I would recommend you to use a caffeine or beer shampoo. It can do wonders to your hair. It works on hair as it goes to the hair follicles and strengthens the hair roots, which results in preventing Hair Fall. It also makes your hair more manageable, silky, soft and adds a natural shine to your hair.


3. Is It Harmful To Use Different Soaps On The Skin At The Same Time?

Yes, It can be harmful but if you love to try new soaps in the market just make sure the ingredients don’t differ much and also keep in mind the type of skin you have. Don’t take risk of using any soap on the skin which doesn’t suit you and ends up getting skin problems.


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I Hope this article helps you to choose the perfect soap for your skin and know about the best soaps for face and skin. If yes! please subscribe to our blog to get further notifications, so that you never miss out any such interesting posts. 

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