When the lights come on in the Fashion Bloodhound office and everything fires up, you’ll find us obsessively checking our favourite fashion and beauty blogs. Here’s our round up of the blogs that we’re loving at Fashion Bloodhound HQ.

My Fash Diary

What you'll find:

Tala, the gorgeous blogger behind My Fash Diary gives readers an insight into her exciting fashion world where she divides her time between London and Dubai. A look into a cool-girl’s view of what’s hot in the world of fashion and beauty.

Why we love it:

We love the fresh, clean look of her blog. If you’re looking for style inspiration then you really don’t need to look any further than her ‘Look of the Day.’ You’re sure to be introduced to some uber-cool, under the radar brands thanks to Tala.

Check out our interview with Tala here

Image from MyFashDiary

Fashion Foie Gras

What you'll find:

Emily’s commitment to blogging really is something to be admired. Updated multiple times per day, FFG is your one-stop-shop if you’re looking for a blog that homes of-the-moment fashion news.

Why we love it:

We trust Emily’s approach to blogging; it’s our ultimate fashion news source. You’ll find us completely addicted when it comes to fashion weeks.

Check out our interview with Emily here

Visit Emily's blog.

A Model Recommends

What you’ll find:

Beauty insider tips from one of the UK’s most recognisable fashion models. Ruth’s honest approach to reviewing the latest beauty buys makes for great reading. Ruth is one of those bloggers whose writing you just can’t stop reading.

Why we love it:

Ruth might be the Fashion Bloodhound campaign model, but she’s also one of the only bloggers who makes reading a review on everyday beauty products light-hearted, humorous and equally as insightful.

Visit Ruth's blog

The Blonde Salad

What you’ll find:

Law student Chiara’s blog is oozing at the seams with designer accessories that will make you hot under the collar. The Blonde Salad gives you an insider view to her oh so glamorous life that just happens to be filled with fabulous fashion.

Why we love it:

We love reading about Chiara’s love affair with fashion. Take a second to not be jealous of her YSL, Hermes & Chanel collection and appreciate that she is a gorgeous girl simply having fun with fashion.

Image from The Blonde Salad

Ring my Bell

What you’ll find:

Brit actress Ashley fled London for the sunnier climates of LA. Her blog is a look at everything she wears on almost a day-to-day basis. Think denim cut-offs, grungy leather jackets and copious amounts of jewellery and you’re half-way there.

Why we love it:

We take great inspiration from her style and love the way she plays with fashion. We are completely in love with her wardrobe contents and amazing photography.

Image from Ring My Bell

By Marcella Pinto