Jess From No3 Hairdressing tells Fashion Bloodhound readers the hottest hair trends to be following this summer....


What with the Olympics happening this summer, the catwalk was awash with sporty looks. No body did this better than Stella McCartney, the official designer of TeamGB's kit! Stella's models all wore their hair in a sleek pony tail or bun, perfect for the sports luxe look. Ensure your ponytail is sleek, smooth and glossy. A spritz of Bumble and bumble Shine Spray for the perfect finish!

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Ibiza is quickly becoming a a fashion haven! Whether you are channelling boho, old town or uber glam - pacha style, you need to look good! And I don't know about you, but generally, all that partying, sun and sea, really takes its toll on my hair. Popping your hair in a fishtail plait is the best way to wear your hair from beach to bar . . . Once you get your hair wet in the sea, let it dry about 60% then braid it into a messy fishtail, don't worry if it is messy, the messier the better!

Throw your shorts on and you are ready for the bar! Want to change it up a bit more?! If your hair is long enough, wrap your braid round your head and secure with grips . . . VOILA! An updated take on the halo braid!


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Colour scares people. Fact. I always feel that people are a little scared to wear more than one colour together, apart from when it comes to jeans. That's why I love this trend, I LOVE colour! 

Always keep hair quite simple when wearing such a bold outfit. You don't want to look too busy. I recommend a sleek bob! The bob is the look of the summer with more and more celeb chopping off their locks for a swinging bob! Curly or straight, it's the look that you need. 

Perfect your bob with Bumble and bumble Spray de Mode, a hairspray with memory! If you are really bold when it comes to colour blocking, get a colour wash on your hair, pink, blue . . .  Everyone is doing it!

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