Cannabis and Sex: Have We Got Your Attention?

So we know that marijuana makes bad things tolerable and good things better so how does it affect something that’s already pretty great? Well, I’m sure you’ll be happy to know (or maybe you already knew) that studies have shown that marijuana use is associated with an increased sex drive. Yep, pot smokers are doing it more often. Now before you start saying “I told you so!” to every non-toker you come across, there are some caveats to this study and even some not-so-great news about the link between marijuana and sex.


The Sex Lives of Pot Smokers

But, first let’s start with the good news. Initially it was believed that frequent marijuana use actually led to a drop in sexual activity. There were also fears that it might lead to ED, fears that are still around today actually. However, the belief that dry herb leads to a dry libido? Debunked. Hard. Researchers at Stanford University conducted a study on 50,000 people, aged 25 – 45, over a period of 13 years. Yeah, I know, you’re wondering, “where was I when they were conducting this study”? I don’t know but I do know the result, which is that participants who use marijuana on a daily basis reported having 20% more sex than non-users.



The Science Behind the Stimulation

There are lots of possible reasons for this outcome, both scientific and non-scientific. First the science-y reason; experiments conducted on animals and humans show that marijuana stimulates regions of the brain involved in sexual arousal and activity. So, yes guys, there is a reason for any unintentional, um, flag-raising when you’re stoned. The non-science-y reason could be that marijuana lowers inhibitions and self-judgement and could lead to more freedom. Both reasons sound good to me but ultimately it all just means that stoners do it more often and that’s all that matters.



Marijuana and Fertility

Well, maybe not all. The less good news is that marijuana is great for lovemaking but not so much for babymaking. I mean that men who light up on the regular had a sperm count that was 29% lower than men who don’t. A number that researchers scientifically described as “a lot.” Still, that’s pretty much the only downside to marijuana and sex and it’s a temporary situation anyway. Once there’s a bun in the oven you can start lighting up again because the Stanford study concluded that “The overall trend we saw applied to people of both sexes and all races, ages, education levels, income groups and religions, every health status, whether they were married or single and whether or not they had kids.”

benefits of smoking marijuana


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Does More Weed=More Sex?

So the addition of kids didn’t impact the sexual frequency of marijuana users, something, I’m sure you’re all glad to hear. I should also mention that the study is more about correlation than causation, meaning that using marijuana doesn’t automatically mean that you’ll be having more sex. But, hey it couldn’t hurt, after all the study also showed that the number of sexual encounters increased with increased marijuana use. So light up that spliff and fire up that vaporizer, it’s time to get freaky. Need some tips? Well, I can tell you where to get a great dry herb vaporizer. As for everything else, that’s all up to you.



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