How to blow dry your hair like a professional

Blow Dry your Hair like a Professional

One of the best part of having a makeover at a professional salon is their professionalism. Not only is the finished product, whether it is your hair, your nail or even your face, looks better than our best effort, the finished product is also treated and conditioned properly for maximum benefits. Personally, one of my favourite reason for visiting a salon over all the DIYs that I can easily find all over the web is their professional hair drying experience.

Many claim that natural air drying is healthier and more natural than blow drying. However, when the blow drying is done by a professional, not only is it as effective as air drying, it further improves the structure and style of my hair without excess damage.

Professional Blow drying at a Salon

Without the proper techniques of blow drying, there are many cases of dry, rigid and brittle hair after an improper technique during blow drying one’s own hair. Blow drying is the process of removing the wetness in your hair after a bath or a shower. However, during the process of blow drying, hot air is blown on your wet hair. Not only does it remove the surface water (wetness) of your hair, it further removes water that is bound to the hair (also called water of hydration).

When one’s hair has been excessively dried due to blow drying, you end up with dry, rigid and brittle hair. This is the reason why you need to learn the proper techniques of blow drying such that you end up with great hair and not with damaged hair.

Say no more to rubbing your wet hair with your towel, or waiting for hours for your hair to dry. Read the following ways to blow dry your hair like a professional and you are set for life.

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Step 1

First of all, you will need to wash your hair. Make sure to use the proper shampoo as there are a ton of different types of shampoos available. If you plan to blow dry your hair, I would highly recommend you to wash your hair with a nourishing shampoo. Nourishing shampoos provide extra moisture for your hair that will help protect against the harmful effects of blow drying. This is the reason why nourishing shampoos are also called dry hair formula.

There are a ton of different nourishing shampoos that you can find easily. You do not need to buy a super expensive nourishing shampoo brand, and you can find the nourishing shampoo that is perfect for you while not blowing a hole through your wallet.

Step 2

After you have thoroughly washed your hair, now you need to dry it with a towel. Just gently tap your hair with the towel till there is no more water dripping down your hair. You can also wrap your towel around your hair and squeeze out the water.

Make sure that you are not vigorously rubbing your hair with your towel as this results in split ends and frizz. Use your common sense and do not rub too fast or hard. If you have short hair, you can wrap your hair with your towel and rub gently using circular motion. You do not need to make your hair completely dry, just remove all excess drippings.

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Step 3

Now, you will need to divide your hair into manageable sections. Remember that the bigger the section is, the longer it will take for it to dry. For the perfect sections, I recommend that if you have long hair, you should divide your hair into six – eight sections, while if you have short hair, just part it midway into two sections and you are set for blow dry.

You can use clips or bands to tie your sections. Another thing that you can do is use heat protection cream on your hair. Make sure to apply this from your roots to the tip of your hair. Do not apply this cream on your scalp as it may result in greasiness.

Step 4

Blow Dry your hair

Now you can actually start blow drying your hair. Make sure the nozzle of your hairdryer is at least 6 inches (15 cm) away from your scalp. Always blow dry away from the root of your hair, i.e. move along the shaft of your hair and not against it. You can use your hand or a round hairbrush. Move your hand/hairbrush from your hair root to hair end and make sure that you are moving your blow dryer along with the motion of your hair.

Do not focus your hair dryer on one spot for too long. This results in too much heat in one area and you might even burn your hair, hand or even your scalp as a result. Move the blow dryer as your comb your hair with your hand and dry your hair gently.


Step 5

Make sure that the section of the hair that you are blow drying has not completely dried. If you dry your hair till your whole head is dry, then this will result in frizzy or damaged hair. Just dry your gently till it is about 80% – 90% dry before you move onto the next section of your hair. This way the rest of your hair will dry out naturally.

Step 6

While most follow the above mentioned steps while blow drying their hair, you should never forget the last step to finishing blow drying your hair. Make sure to finish with a blast of cold air (this option is also available on most blow dryer). Not only does this blast of cold air help lock in the shine of your hair, it also seals the cuticles on your hair.

You can also apply a moisturizing or an anti-frizz serum on your hair which helps your hair look shiny, smooth and dry all day long.

So there you have it, the complete guide to blow drying your hair like a professional. No need to spend a bucket load of cash and visit a salon, with this article you will be blow drying your hair like a professional in no time.



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