How To Get Rid Of Hickey Or Love Bite?

Walking into the public by wearing the scarfs or the turtleneck is very embarrassing especially when it is summer. We are subjected to stares and become a laughing point for them. But the reason behind wearing these scarfs or turtleneck is unknown to the people, and we also didn’t want them to know the reason behind it. Hickey can be the most popular reason for this. We feel ashamed rather embarrassing when someone stares at us, and this creates obstacles in the way of our work. A person suffering from Hickey wants to get them off as fast as possible. The best way to eliminate Hickey is to face it with pride so that the perception of the society can also be changed. Hickey is nothing bad and just a sign that shows your love and passion for your lover and society should accept it positively.

So, here I am gonna give you some of the best tips to get rid of this embarrassing situation but before that, we must know what is Hickey, how it is caused, and everything related to HICKEY.





Hickey is a bruise mark caused by the aggressive kissing and sucking of the soft skin around the neck, arm or any other body part which has soft skin like lips, boobs, and thighs. When someone sucks very hard on the skin the blood vessels ruptures and breaks which cause the blood to accumulate in a particular area. So, the marks which come on our skin is just the broken blood vessels. Initially,  getting it is red in color but getting deprived oxygen for a longer period the color automatically turns to dark purple or black.



If you will ask me whether Hickey is a badge of honor or hall of shame, then I would say that it all depends on your age. If you are a teenager then definitely it would be a badge of honor for you but if you are a 35-year-old adult then definitely it would be a shame for you. It happens due to sucking harshly of a soft skin on your body while passionate lovemaking. But here the most interesting thing to know is how it happens? What made an aggressive kiss to cause such an adverse effect on our body? Our bones and organs are made up of three layers of tissues. The first and the outermost layer is called the epidermis which acts as a shield for the inner and middle layers. Its other functions include the creation of the new skin cells and contains the cells that produce melanin. The melanin is that rich pigment which gives us a beautiful skin. The second layer, the dermis is an interesting rather exciting layer that houses blood vessels, sweat glands and the receptors for pain and touch. The Subcutaneous layer is the innermost layer that holds all the body heat and provides a defensive layer to protect the organs.

When the blood vessels in the dermis get broken blood flowed through the capillaries and began to bleed below the epidermis. It forms a spot around the affected zone, and the place depends on the size of your companion’s mouth. Initially, the spot is red in color but in the absence of air, it turns to dark purple or black.



1.COLD COMPRESS – To cure hickey, blood clots needs to be spread out. Applying cold compress on the affected area construct the blood capillaries and thus reduces bleeding. To implement the cold compress, first of all, we have to take 2-3 cubes of ice and then wrap it in a cloth. Then put that cloth on the affected area, and soon the healing process will be on its way.

2. ALCOHOL – Alcohol is known for its disinfectant, soothing and cooling properties and due to this marvelous property that it has been used in the treatment of Hickey. To undergo with the healing process, one must rub the alcohol softly in the affected area using cotton balls. Rubbing alcohol for 2-3 days continuously helps in releasing the pain and also the marks from that organ. However, alcohol makes the skin dry, and therefore the moisturizer has to be applied at regular intervals to make it soft.

How to get rid of hickey

3. ALOE VERA – Aloe vera is known for its moisturizing, soothing and cooling properties that helps to get rid of Hickey as soon as possible. In the course of the healing process, we have to extract and rub the aloe vera gel in the affected area. Continuously applying it for 2-3 days moisturizes your skin and thus makes it smooth and shiny.

4. BANANA PEEL: – Banana peel is known for its cooling and soothing properties that help to recover your problem easily. In this case, we have to cut the banana peel in the shape of the mark and then applying it on the affected area reduces the size of the bruise.

5. ORANGES: – Oranges contain Vitamin C which is an essential nutrient for the repairment of the skin, and if you have Hickey then you must take the homemade orange juice for better results. The packaged orange juice contains the chemicals which instead of undergoing the healing process can cause an adverse effect on our body.

How to get rid of hickey

6. WARM COMPRESS: – This particular useful technique dilates the capillaries and makes it easier for the blood to flow by cleaning the mess. The warm compress to the affected region can be done by warming a cloth and then applying it on the area to get relief from pain. One can also go with the hair dryer to apply heat on the affected skin area and then massage it to improve the circulation of the blood.

7. FINGER MASSAGE: – This is the most natural way for the treatment of Hickey which involves the massage with the fingers on the affected area starting from the center region to the outer edges. The massage helps in increased circulation of the blood thus healing the dark spots.

How to get rid of hickey

8. COCOA BUTTER: – After applying warm compress on the affected skin area and then the cocoa butter boosts the healing process. After applying the cocoa butter massage the affected area which will break the blood clot and stimulate the blood circulation. Instead of using the cocoa butter one can also go with olive oil which is also a remedy in the treatment process.

9. WHITE VINEGAR: – White vinegar prevents the itching from spreading. A cold vinegar compress dries out the rashes and prevents itching. In this awesome technique, first of all, we have to mix vinegar with one and a half cup of water and then allow it to cool for some time. Then moisten the cloth with the white vinegar and then gently apply it on the affected area.

10. BAKING SODA: – Baking soda is known for its cooling and anti-inflammatory properties that dry up the rashes and reduces itching. In this technique, a thick paste of baking soda is made which is then applied to the affected area. Then rinse it with cold water and the paste can be applied 2-3 times a day in order to boost the healing process.

11. USING THE BACK OF A SPOON: – Place the spoon in the refrigerator for 8-10 minutes and then applying it on the hickey minimizes the blood seeping out of the vessels. The technique is exceptionally great when the Hickey is new. You can also use a COIN instead of a spoon.

How to get id of hickey fast



12. USING THE BRISTLES OF A BRUSH: – The bristles of a brush can be best used as a circulating agent which prevents the seeping of the blood out of the blood vessels and thus increasing its circulation. The steps have to be done by gently rubbing with soft bristles in order to allow the blood clot to spread. Doctors generally advise using Oral-B Sensi-Soft Ultra Soft Manual Toothbrush.


13. USING PEPPERMINTS: – It is one of the best and the effective way in the treatment of the Hickey by improving the blood circulation. Applying peppermint oil on the affected area gives a cooling as well as the tingling sensation that provides room for the clotted blood which further increases the circulation of the blood. If one doesn’t have the peppermint oil then the peppermint toothpaste can be the best alternative option.


14. TOOTHPASTE: – Applying toothpaste on the affected area gives us the tingling effect which lasts for a shorter period of time. The tingling effect caused by it prevents the peeping out of the blood from the blood vessels thus providing room for the clotted blood.

15. MAKEUP: – It is the last and one of the best way to hide your Hickey. Doing makeup on the affected skin area hides the blood spots and therefore you wouldn’t be longer a point of stares and laughter for the other people. But the makeup should be done in a proper manner so that the affected area does not look too much obvious.



There is not a magical cure for the treatment of the Hickey. Its cure depends on your body. If someone has a deficiency of iron in the body then the healing process would take a longer period of time. On the other hand, if someone is healthier and stronger, then Hickey can be cured in a short interval of time. The more harsh and passionate the Hickey is, the more time it takes to fade away. Typically it lasts one week to 15 days depending upon your personal health.



You might have enjoyed the Hickey for the first time, but the other day you feel like nothing. You feel as someone has done a great damage to your life. You try finding out the new and the easiest ways to get rid of your love bites.

1. MAKEUP –One starts doing makeup in order to hide the Hickey from the people stare. But makeup should also be done in a proper way. You should not try to apply the extra cream on that particular area as it might look too obvious and again people will laugh their head off.

a) Green Corrector – Hide your Hickey with a green corrector. Experts use this technique to hide their blemishes, redness, and other imperfections. You can also use this and get rid of that hickey mark.

b) Use Concealer – As concealer hides your dark circles and black spots, it can also veil your love bite.


2. CLOTHING –  Your clothing can also be your savior. You can wear a full sleeve collared shirt, or a turtle neck dress so that the maximum part of your body is hidden. Girls can veil their love bite with a scarf around the neck. Use clothing to cover any part of your body that has a hickey mark.

3. HAIR – Now this remedy only applies for all the Girls and few boys who are lucky enough to have long hairs. You can skip tying your hair and cover that Hickey with your hair.

4. FACE IT! There is never a better solution to your problem than to face it. Fear Not. Take a step ahead to change world’s perception about a Hickey. It’s not a shameful thing. XOXO.


1.If you easily get a hickey and if it stays for a longer period of time then there is a great chance that you have a deficiency of iron in your body.

2. There is not a magical cure for the Hickey. If you have Hickey then you have to wait or try massaging over the affected area.

3. A New Zealand woman died of Hickey after paralyzing her left arm.

4. It is very much common in the animal kingdom.

5. Hickey can also cause stroke which is reported in Mexico when a 17-year-old boy died due to stroke.

6. Hickey can also cause ORAL HERPES



There are many different techniques to get rid of hickey with irritation of the skin. The techniques vary from the intake of pills to the focusing of laser light on the affected skin area. Before doing any medications it’s better to consult a doctor first.


The time for which it remains in our body depends upon many factors out of which the health factor is the most crucial one. If our body houses the pathogens or has a deficiency of any nutrients then it takes a longer time to go away.


First of all know why do you need to give a hickey? Giving someone hickey indicates your passion and love for your lover. If you have true feelings about one another then, Go ahead!

But before that, you should know what your partner wants. Everyone has their own problem, some are shy, some has family issues, some may have health issues, so you may probably know what are your partner feel about hickey.
This understanding approach is very much appreciated by girls and it can make you a gentleman! On the other hand, if the person allows you, it shows how much they love you and value your emotions.

Now coming to the point, How to give a Hickey?

You do not need to be a professional to give a hickey. It’s pretty simple.
To give a hickey you need to Suck, Suck and Suck! Yes, suck the desired area, don’t be harsh, be gentle and passionate and suck it like a baby. You will eventually find that red love bite on your partner’s body.





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