How To Get Rid Of Strawberry Legs.


Dark spots and bumps on legs or hands feel very uncomfortable. And when it comes to girls, they are much more worried about their appearance, and their skin than anyone else in this world. But nowadays due to exposure to the sun, our skin faces many problems and one of the worst problem is Strawberry legs. But no need to worry anymore about it since there are many remedies to get rid of it, below I have discussed more of it.



Firstly, we going to discuss what blackhead is? When a hair follicle that is being filled with various things like sebum, dead skin, dead skin cells, ingrown hairs and bacteria which oxidises and leads to darkening of the surface. The dark spots on the leg similarly look like a strawberry and hence it is called strawberry legs. The primary cause for the strawberry leg is poor shaving; this might happen when you don’t use a proper razor where it won’t pull the hair follicle completely, and that hair follicle will be exposed to the sun, and the sebum gets oxidised which leads to the formation of dark pores on the skin.


For every question there will be a solution, here I have discussed some of the home remedies which will surely help you to get rid of the strawberry legs.

Natural Methods

In easy steps, we will discuss the ways that are affordable and take no time to get rid of this curse.


  • Firstly, prepare a natural homemade scrub by adding two spoons of brown sugar to aloe vera gel and add one spoon of lemon juice to it.
  • Now blend this to create a fine paste consistency.
  • Thoroughly apply the scrub on the wet leg in a circular direction and mainly concentrate on the dark spots appearing on the leg.
  • Now, Wash your legs with warm water and dry it.
  • Finally, massage your leg with coconut oil or glycerin to moisturise the skin.


  • Mix brown sugar and olive oil in the proportion ½ and apply in the same circular direction as for how we used in step 1.
  • Mix 1 spoon of baking soda to 1 spoon of warm water, mix thoroughly and massage gently on the skin for some minutes before you rinse with the warm water.
  • Add enough salt to buttermilk, to make a scrub that is easy to work, then massage into the areas affected by dark spots and rinse that from warm water.

Natural Ingredient


1.Extrapone NutgrassBy using extracts of Extrapone Nutgrass you can get rid of dark pigmentation. It has great in inhibiting melanin production within short weeks.

2.Cucumber Juice It is the best and easy natural home remedy to get rid of strawberry legs and also on the other parts of the skin. Since it does not contain a chemical, it is very safe to use this.

3.Mix mashed cucumber, lemon juice and rose water in equal proportion and apply to the dark spot area in the leg and leave for 5-10 minutes later rinse that with water. Keep repeating till you find a proper result.

4.Egg White- Egg white is also well known for the healing of dark spots. Now, just apply the egg white directly on the pores, and leave it for 5 minutes and rinse with cold water.

5.Tea Tree Oil – It is a natural antibacterial, and it is effective as 5% benzoyl peroxide. Mix 2-3 spoons of olive oil with tea tree oil and apply that in the areas of the leg.

6.Manuka Honey- It is one best ingredient, it mainly contains an element that softens the skin and also impedes pigmentations and removes skin blemishes. It acts as a natural bleaching ingredient. I think even this as the best treatment and also avoid skin diseases, improves immune function.

7.Sandalwood oil and Olive oil or Coconut oil- Take any two oil and mix it. Do a massage on the skin and leave it for a few minutes.

So, now I think it’s much easier for you to get rid of strawberry legs and everyone can follow these easy steps without spending huge money on it. It may take a long time, but it unquestionably works. It takes little effort to make skin free from the Strawberry legs. Get rid of those red bumps on your skin by taking this natural treatment, and you can see the best result from this. Going naturally is the best way to look beautiful.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Which kind of soap should be used to get rid of Strawberry Legs?

Answer: Soaps which contain salicylic acid should be used because it exfoliates the skin and prevents the red bumps on the legs.

2.How to handle the legs after shaving, a step-by-step procedure?

Answer: • Wash the leg with cold water for 5-10 minutes, which helps to soften your skin and also contributes to open up the pores which contribute to removing the impurities present in the pores.

  • Apply coconut oil to your leg just to moisturise the skin.
  • Always use a clean and sharp razor and after using the razor, wash that with hot water instead of washing it with dishwasher.
  • Always choose a shaving cream, which has an ingredient as Aloe Vera because aloe vera is an excellent product for skin and hair. Shave it in the direction where the hair grows and do not apply much pressure or don’t shave on the same area again and again.
  • Later on, wash your leg with water and massage it with moisturising cream.
  • And do not use soap on the leg where you shaved because it makes razor less efficient.

3.Does it cost too much to get rid of these dark pores?

Answer: No, not at all, you don’t have to invest huge money on it.

4.Does it show an immediate result?

Answer: Yes, but it also depends on how your skin is going to respond to the treatment, so keep repeating the treatment 100% you will get a good result.

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