How to make your hair grow faster


Every woman dreams of long and lustrous hair. Let us admit the fact that it is not an easy-peasy task and surely not a mission accomplished overnight. Maybe your life isn’t just perfect, but your hairs can be! It needs patience and little hard work. Yes, You can’t be sluggish in your journey to achieve long and beautiful locks. It doesn’t matter how fast your grows, but it is essential that your hair grows strong, rejuvenated and beautifully. Actually, in a month our hair grows up to two inches, but you can exceed this limit if you eat a healthy diet and remain stress-free. Now the question is how to grow hair faster? To maintain beauty be it skin or hair only external beauty tips is not the solution, there need to be good internal measures.

Here we have bulleted down some effective ways to ensure the fact that how to make your hair grow faster. These are the top ten ways to grow your hair faster, stronger, and thicker.

1. Eat a healthy diet


Eating a healthy balanced protein diet every day is crucial. The main component of hair is Keratin which is made of amino acids, a protein to be consumed through regular diets so that can answer the question of how can I grow hair faster. Protein is considered to be the best and most essential ingredient to promote hair growth. Other sources of healthy protein food are meat, fish, eggs, soy products, etc.

(a) Mineral

Minerals are an essential part of any beauty regime, and long hair or thick hair plays a vital role in human beauty. So to make your hair grow faster, it is to be ensured that regular food contains adequate minerals like iron and zinc. Both these minerals are considered to be the best medicine for anemic patients. To build a healthy hair oxygen presence and transmission in hair growth is important wherein Iron plays a great role. To answer this question of how can I grow my hair fast is to remove all options of iron deficiencies. Zinc helps our body to grow and repairs any issues if appears. Zinc keeps the oil glands in and around hair follicles healthy and maintains the oil balance. Therefore these two minerals are very important to answer how to grow hair faster.

(b) Fat

Though we believe that fat is not good for health, zero fat is disastrous for health. We can cut fat but remains in the regular food regime. Fat assimilates vitamins, and like Vitamin A D E K is essential for hair growth.

(c) Vitamins

Hair loss comes with age which is tough to avoid but still if vitamin B is consumed through regular diet and also vitamin C like Oranges, Pineapple, etc. to enhance the quality of the hair as far as its texture and strength are considered.

2. Homemade Remedy


There is a very excellent paste made of the white portion of the egg, lavender oil, and grape seed oil mixed in certain ratios to make a paste of 4 tablespoons in total which can be battered appropriately and then applied on the scalp. Leave this hair mask for some time till it dries up and then can be washed with lukewarm water before shampooing. How to grow your hair faster is holding such many easy and ready to made remedies if applied gives fantastic results within a very short period.

3. Massage Scalp with Warm Oil

There is no easy way or shortcuts to secure long, strong lusters and locks. The general overall health and healthy balanced proper diet is important to get a strong hair and helps in how to get hair grow faster. The massaging scalp is another tool or method to make hair grow faster. Warm oil massage improves the hair strength and is one of the factors on how to grow your hair faster. The oil application should be made in circular motions in the scalp for a couple of minutes, can be 3 to 5 minutes and leave the hair if possible whole night and then shampooed to get hair grow stronger.

4. Castor Oil


Castor Oil is excellent for hair growth and if applied weekly or fortnightly increases the hair health. Massage with castor oil for approximately 45 minutes to get the better result. Also, other excellent healthy tips are to flip down the hair upside down and stay for a couple of minutes, if possible brush in both directions of the hair which increases the hair strength, good massage for hair roots and enable the hair to grow faster and stronger.

5.Perform Yoga to remain stress-free


One more crucial factor is to stay stress-free. Stress kills health and beauty both. Yoga can be used as one medicine to kill stress, and proper sleep is essential for human being’s life which now a day’s people forget in the regular pace of life.

One thing to be remembered that hair will not grow overnight. There exist a hundred ways to grow hair faster. No one wants to accept hair fall in any age but then to protect hair and make hair growth faster, it needs to be taken care of every time.

6. Myths 

There were certain superstitions among people that hair cut during childhood days helps in growing hair faster. How to grow hair faster use to accept this mantra and as a result parents or older adults use to force kids to cut their hair till a certain age. There used to be rituals of sacrificing hair to God as well. Faith and belief are in our heart but to be honest how to grow hair faster demands to work out or think out of the box of these rituals.Long, strong hair is the sign of beauty and youth and thus is wanted by everyone irrespective of age. Therefore if taken care of within proper time, it will be very easy to understand how can I grow hair faster.

Patience and commitment make everything possible in life, this mantra to be always remembered without any doubts.


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