How to prepare Milk Waxing straight from home

Waxing in a way helps you get rid of the body hair every month. Waxing is way painful for women but yet many choose to opt for this method. Among all the methods used to remove hair such as using shaving, threading and other hair removal creams.

These methods help in removing hair, however shaving, threading and hair removal creams cause hair to grow even faster but instead harm the skin.

Waxing is a temporary solution for hair removal that removes hair from the root of the skin. The new hair cannot grow back unless and until waxed in the area for about four to five weeks, but it all depends on the person’s hormone as some will witness the growth in just a week.

Therefore this makes women root for waxing.

Waxing is of three types: Normal, Chocolate and Rica Wax. Try using the one which suits you the best as peeling hair can cause a lot of pain.

And if you are confused about which waxing to use follow the guide we have come up with the process to help you choose the perfect kind of waxing.

But first, here are some benefits of waxing:

  • Waxing is better when compared to shaving which causes rashes on sensitive skin.
  • In many women, waxing makes hair grow slower and admirable.
  • Waxing improves skin texture by removing excess and unwanted hair.
  • Waxing creates fine results as hair is pulled from the root.
  • It makes your skin feel smooth without feeling itchy.

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A guide to choosing the perfect waxing:

Understand the procedure

Waxing does not harm a person but the kind of stubble you get aftershave will not be the same, as the risk for ingrown hair when waxing is much more.

Using body lotions might work and make sure that they contain lactic acid that removes the remove the follicular plugs.

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Consider the area you want to wax

Waxing is just like getting rid of acne from your skin as you cannot completely apply on the part affected, hence you need to perform a patch test before using it entirely for the very first time.

If you are a beginner in this case then testing on arms, legs and on stomach might work as they are not that sensitive. Areas like the bikini line and the face might be tricky as waxing on a face can lead to skin ailments.

And if you are someone who stills wants to wax on those sensitive areas then use it on small patches and apply ample amount of baby oil on the area.

Areas of waxing

Check out the varieties

There are numerous varieties of waxing available in the market and the salons make it even more confusing. There are costly ones and then there are cheap ones, hence doing a background check on which might suit you the best.

Now let’s talk about the core or the crux of the article, Milk wax.

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What is Milk Wax?

Milk waxing is a homemade remedy and is a completely harmless way to get rid of your body hair be it any area legs, arms and face.

This won’t cost you a lot, as all the ingredients that are used to make this are available right from your kitchen.

Milk wax helps in lightening the skin tone and they are way cheap when compared to other varieties that are available to remove hairs from your body.

Here is the recipe for preparing Milk Wax straight from your house:


  • Baking Soda- about half a teaspoons
  • Gelatin Powder- two tablespoons and make sure that the powder is fruit flavored.
  • Cucumber Juice – about one tablespoons
  • Milk – about two tablespoons

Preparing Milk Wax

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Methods to prepare Milk Wax:

Follow these methods to prepare Milk Wax from the ingredients in your kitchen and start using effectively. Here you go with the methods:

  • Grind the cucumber and extract juice from it and strain it with the help of  a cheesecloth
  • Take a bowl and mix gelatin, milk, baking soda, cucumber juice and combine all of them together, make a nice mixture out of these.
  • Use the microwave oven and place the mixture in it for about 10-15 seconds.
  • Now take the mixture out of the oven and allow it to cool down.
  • After letting it cool, constantly keep stirring the mixture present in the bowl to avoid lumps and air bubbles. Try and keep the batter as thick as possible.
  • Now with the help of a makeup brush, apply mild strokes of warm wax on the parts of your body where you feel the hairs are little, just for patchy test.
  • After applying, allow it to dry for a while then peel it off
  • Do not scratch or scrape it off and try to gently roll the wax out of your skin
  • All the area that you’ve applied the wax on will come off at once.

Waxing for conclusion

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Milk Wax not only removes the hair but also rejuvenates the skin and helps in anti-aging and allows the skin to glow.

If you are trying this for the first month then initially you need to do this for three times in a month. The number of times you need to do this completely depends on the amount of hair you have. As and when you see the hair’s growth declining, you can do the waxing twice a month.

The body hair will diminish permanently and this will make your skin even smoother, softer and fairer without any wrinkles.

Using Milk Waxing is quite cheap and you can try these multiple times to get rid of the stubborn hair. Although it leaves some white liquid that can only be removed by oil.

You can try all types of waxing available but one can say that chocolate waxing hurts less.

Note that waxing also causes rashes, pain, redness and skin irritation in some women.

We suggest you consult with Dermatologists if you feel any kind of irritations or redness after waxing body hair.


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