Must try vegetarian foods in Jordan

“Ayn altaeam alnabati?” which translates to “Where is vegetarian food?” with this article you won’t be needing this question anymore when you are out there looking for vegetarian food.

Jordan, a country in the Middle East which is famously known for Petra a historic 2000-year-old city. And perhaps this is what makes tourists from various parts of the world come and visit Jordan once in a lifetime but the Arabian food there will insist you in coming again.

The food in Jordan is mainly influenced by the Levant, a large area in the Eastern Mediterranean. The Levantine cuisine is available in most of the region surrounding the Mediterranean region which includes Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, and Israel.

Jordan is every foodie’s dream destination and not just for the meat eaters but also for the vegetarians as well with.

So for the vegetarians out there who are hesitating to go Jordan and explore the rich culture and heritage out there, here is the guide that you need to refer.

Here is a look at the food culture and traditions of Jordan:

Jordan has varieties of dishes prepared by different ethnicities who made the country as a home for themselves. People like the Armenians and Circassians apart from the Arabs who are about 98% of the country’s population contribute to the food culture and the tradition which we know Jordan for.

Jordan is great when it comes to offering food by gathering guests during festivals and this being the month of Ramadan, visiting here is a treat for you.   

There are a few questions which trouble a vegetarian the most and me being one of them was finding myself in a difficult scenario.

Here is a list of questions that I’m sure you as a vegetarian will be asking yourself. These questions do not relate only to Jordan but for any new country, a vegetarian is visiting for the first time.

  1. Is vegetarian food easily available there? If yes then it must be hard to find.
  2. Is vegetarian food available there in its raw forms like fruits and salads?
  3. Do they richly follow vegetarian cuisine or are there only a few dishes?

And these questions were answered when I explored the country also I owe it to the internet in giving me the best information on the available cuisines.

So time to get to the crux of the article and I will also be telling you the food along with the restaurants where to find it.


First, let me you to the bread which is served along with the meal and there are numerous of them available for you to eat. There are bread with different textures and thickness and also distinct in their flavors.

Pita Bread is also known as Arabian Bread, a soft flatbread baked from wheat flour. Pita is the choice if you are having a falafel or mezze.

Shrak Bread is another bread and is a traditional Bedouin bread making it quite popular in this region of the world. It is based on a hot griddle called “Saj” with a fire beneath and the bread tossed onto it.



Hummus is a creamy dish and is a must try if you ever plan on visiting Jordan. It is Levantine dip made from cooked, mashed chickpeas blended with olive oil, lemon juice, and garlic.

Pita Bread and Hummus call for a great pair as it provides protein with every bite you take.

And if you come back to your place but happen to miss the taste of it, do not worry Hummus is available in a store near you.

Where? : Hashem

Al-Amir Mohammed St Downtown, Amman

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If you find this dish anywhere around you then credit it to the Middle East as they are the ones where it originated from. They are the little balls made from a deeply fried paste of chickpeas, fava beans and sometimes both, also a mixture of onions along with herbs and spices make it taste even better.

The falafel balls are best served hot and can be eaten alone as snacks or with meze.

Although falafels are tasty there is a certain amount of controversy around it; where some say it originated from Yemen and some say it was brought by the Arabs or Turks to west from the Indian subcontinent.

Falafel sandwiches are easily available on the streets of Jordan so you can have it on the go.

Where?: Al-Quds

Rainbow Street | Jabal Amman, Amman

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Looking for something in dessert? Here is Knafeh, a sweet dish made out of cheese pastry soaked sweet and sugar-based syrup. Although it originated from Palestine, this dessert became quite popular in Jordan and is now available in most of the sweet shops located there. These pastries are painted until they turn golden brown in color and then doused in sugar or syrup of honey.

Where? : Habibah Sweets

Al Hazar St 2 | Marwan Madi Complex, Amman

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If you need to have a bit of veggie and only veggies then Tabbouleh has got you covered. A salad which has a mixture of tomato, mint, onion all of them finely chopped and soaked with olive oil and lemon juice.

This dish really became my past time and also a quick snack which helped me start my day as long as I was in Jordan. Tabbouleh is traditionally served in the mezze platter which is common among the Arabs around the world.

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I would like to conclude by saying that Jordan has been the finest and the best traveling spot I have visited in a while. Like I said the food makes me go there again and again and I am sure that you will also share the same experience as I did.

So this was my list of the must-have foods when in Jordan, What’s yours? Feel free to write to me in the comments section below and tell us about the places you’ve been to and the cuisine you most liked.


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