Power dress for this Summer: All White

After a long period at the back of your wardrobe, now is the time to take out your summer dresses and dust them off. Pack your winter essentials and get ready to rock your favourite dresses and sandals.

Starting every spring, you will see a slowly but surely increasing change in the general dressing aesthetics. After being wrapped up the whole winter; it starts with a few, who brave the still cold winds. Like a flower blossoming, you start seeing some skin until eventually the whole city is filled with skin and flowery dresses.

When I say, “Power dressing for the Summer”, most will think of bright color such as red, blue, yellow and more. However, I would personally say All White is the epitome of power dressing for the summer. The color white personifies power and luxury yet appears simple at the same time.


All White outfit in the Spring

The color of what you are wearing plays a major part in your confidence and the way you carry yourself. Everyone knows that All Black has a slimming effect. Now, you might think that All White might have an opposite effect and make you look fat.

You cannot be further from the truth. The fact is that when you wear All Black, All White or any other all monochromatic color, this has an elongating effect which makes you appear slimmer and taller at the same time. So do not let the above mentioned thought stop you from wearing All White.

Sure, wearing All White might be a little problematic. Most will be imagining the horrors of a spill or a stain on their All White dress, however this is the precise reason why All White is the power dress for the Summer. Most will not dare to wear All White and this is where you shine out as a result.

Tip: if you still feel that wearing all white doesn’t make you appear slimmer and taller, you can opt for a white wide leg pants. This makes you appear longer and leaner.

So, have you bought in to the All White trend? Now how do you avoid looking like a lost nurse in the street with your All White attire? Or a lab geek that has just been relieved off their duties?

We at, #FBHFAM are happy to provide you with a couple of All White styles that you can rock this summer without making a fool of yourself.


Classy Office Style

Wearing All White is a great choice for your office look, business look or even if you are just going for a classy look. Wear an office white dress and pair it with heeled pumps. Make sure that your pumps are black or white. Opting for a bright heels can also be an option and looks great when you are out for lunch or dinner, however these do not quite suit the office environment.

For an office environment, wearing an all white attire and matching it with black or white shoes and bags is the perfect recipe for an excellent classy office All White style. You can also opt for a nude or gold accented accessories for a classy, smart and empowering look.

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Spring Style

Classic All White Spring Look

For the everyday wear during spring wear, opt for this spring style All Whites. Think super girly and you are halfway there to the spring style All Whites. Imagine All White beach dresses, summer cotton dresses, palazzo pants with white tops and pair it with pastel accessories, bright red lips and more colorful accessories. You can even opt for loose, flirty, pleated or midi skirts with white t-shirts. Add a beige, nude or a white hat for the hot summer days.

There is no set rules that you have to follow to achieve the beautiful and mesmerizing All White Spring style. Find the perfect combination for you and transform yourself into the very definition of feminine posh.

Casual Style

Casual All White is the easiest style to pull off. The main focus should be on your comfort level so ditch those heels and wear your favourite flats, sneakers, boots, loafers, sandals or even your wedges. These can be white or not. Wear white jeans with a white t-shirt, shirt, or a blouse. You can wear white shorts with a white denim shirt, wear white cotton dress, wear white skirt or anything white. As long as you are comfortable in your All White attire, there are endless variations that you can choose.

Casual All White is without a doubt the easiest as well as the most liberating attire that you will wear.


Sophisticated Style

All White Sophisticated style sounds sophisticated, however it is quite easy to pull off. You might have seen posh and wealthy women at the top of the fashion world in their fancy and expensive looking All White outfit. While you might not be able to afford the big brand names, you can still achieve a sophisticated All White style without breaking your bank.

How to wear All White

All White sophisticated style simply requires you to layer your clothings of different textures coupled with stylish accessories including shoes and bags. You can also add a white blazer over silk white shirt and pair it with long flowy trousers, jeans or skirts.

Trendy/Hot Style

Now, if you are a fashionista trailblazer, then the Trendy All White style might be the perfect fit for you. Think of fashion icon such as Kim Kardashian, Rihanna and if you are there then start off with basically the same logic as all the styles mentioned above. The only change is that everything about your outfit needs to be fitted to a tee. You can also opt for white mini lengths or sexy skirts. Make sure to include golden accessories such as golden necklaces or earring, they look stunning against the white.

You can sport this look for dates, dinners and travel going outs as well. If you are a bold fashionista who is not afraid to have fun with fashion and flaunt it, then this might the one for you.

So, there you have it. The guide to sporting an All White look for the summer. Make sure you leave a comment if you liked the post or have questions regarding the power dress for the summer: All White.



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