Say NO to dry skin this summer

The major concern in many women during sultry weather is the skin problems that it leads to. There is a delusion that winters are the main cause for a skin to dry and dull but summers are to be equally blamed.

Although the amount of Vitamin D available through sunlight and the overexposure to it helps in making bones stronger and softer.

Trying to avoid sun by sitting in a closed room is perhaps not the best idea you may think of, as you may passively come under the influence if you are driving a car or even taking a small walk. This little effort from you can lead to irritation and dryness. And we are not asking you or telling you to stop performing any of these activities.

But before you go ahead with them try out some of the tips that will prevent you from getting dry skin.

Tips to prevent dry skin during summer


If you feel the dryness on your skin then perhaps moisturizing will definitely help and finding it will not take too much from you as there are enough available in the market.

Be it winter or summer, applying moisturizer is essential irrespective of weather and the temperature. These moisturizers have the ability in protecting you from the UV rays that directly affect your skin. And hence a lotion provides intense hydration to your skin making it look fresher and radiant.

Moisturizing skin straight after a shower is proven to be effective all you need to do is just pat it on your body and face just before leaving home.


Almond oil

Almond oil was preventing from sun-related problems way before the companies started to manufacturing it as our ancestors were already using for beauty purposes.

Use Almond Oil before taking bath and it will leave your skin moisturized, also include a bit of milk powder to it for quick results.

Almond Oil prevents acne and cleans skin and clears the dark circle around eyes. With Almond Oil, you can also remove tan by simply mixing it with lemon juice along with a teaspoon of honey and apply it on the affected area.

Almond Oil

Cold Water

Hot and warm waters is a no-no during hot and sunny days, and switching to a cold water shower has its own benefits. Hot water absorbs moisture from your skin hence leaving it itchy and irritating.

Cold water restrains a skin from drying out, leaving your skin healthy and adequately moisturized. Wash your skin as often as possible and use a dryer to help you achieve results instantly.

The Right soap and face wash

To get the job done you need to spend some bucks and not just spending it on any product which claims to protect your skin, a prior research is required.

Selecting the best face wash and soap is essential because the ordinary ones leave skin dry and some products are not suitable for all skin types.

When you are looking for soaps go for the ones which have oil in it and don’t buy just because they smell good.

Try buying those which come with ingredients like honey, aloe vera etc, these help in hydrating your skin also allowing your skin to dry out.

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What is your skin type?

Well, the most important question that needs to be answered is what exactly is your skin type?. One cannot blindly go and purchase a beauty product before knowing the type of skin. There are different measures to know the skin type from the dry, sensitive and oily skin.

A lotion or a moisturizer might suit an oily skin but the same may not work for dry skin. This makes people more confused and hence leading people to opt for something available.

So we suggest you in understanding the skin type and then buying a product.

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Packs for dry skin

And after you identify your skin and it turns out to be dry skin then we recommend you in applying packs. And in this step, you need to take help from the ingredients available in your home to fight the dry skin.

The packs that are not encouraging when looking to avoid dry skin are mud or charcoal packs, they make skin even drier.

Use the following steps to prepare mask all by yourself:

  1. Take a container and add a teaspoon of olive oil
  2. Add to it a few drops of glycerin and lemon juice
  3. Now blend it and apply it on your face
  4. Let it stay on your face for 10 minutes and then remove.

Also try considering milk proteins, honey or Vitamin E if you are satisfied with one mentioned above.

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Face Mists

Keep your skin fresh and hydrated during the summer days by purchasing a face mist. Avoid purchasing a low-quality one and do not bring in the money factor here as a high-quality one boasts ingredients that are enough to keep your skin from drying.

There are varieties of face mists in the market and should be chosen on the basis of your skin type and also the flavor you prefer.

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Oil Massage

And another tip to help you get rid of the dry skin is with the help of oil massage. Oil massages improve blood circulation and increase the oxygen flow to the face.

Massaging is quite easy and helps the body with relaxation hence you should try for an oil massage before going to bed and wash it away in the morning.

Oil massaging helps you look younger by preventing aging. You can either try these at your home or look for a spa that is really good at this.


Before trying any of these methods, we prefer you to do a patch test on a small portion which will give you a clear indication of which product or remedy to use.

Although dry skin cannot be cured at once we only suggest you try the above tips again irrespective of the weather conditions.

Hope you have what you are looking for and if there is anything we are missing on, write to us back in the comments section below and we’ll get back to you.


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