Say no to grey hairs by using these remedies

You probably can’t reverse time to get your ‘teen’ life back, but you can get the black hairs which have turned into grey.

If you have grey hairs then for sure you find yourself in embarrassing situations when you hang out with friends. And some might even start picking on you by calling names and referring you as an “Old mate” from the group.

We cannot stay young forever; there is always the time which stays a step ahead. The signs you are growing old can be identified either by your skin or by the color of hair.

Although grey hair is typical after a certain age, some start experiencing it way early due to health and environmental factors.

If the grey hair is already taken over your hair and if not it has not yet taken over, we still have the best of solutions and cure to save you from the embarrassment.

Before getting ahead with the process of how to stop grey hair mentioned in this article, know that it is impossible to prevent grey hair completely.

Not to worry, try out some of the home remedies mentioned below which are cost-effective and available straight in your home.

Preventing grey hairs:

Consume protein-rich foods

There are numerous sources of fruits and vegetables that help in reducing white and grey hairs. While it is said that just adding a few more grains to food can do remove these hairs easily.

A few fruits and vegetables that you need to consume to remove grey/white hair are Spinach, Beans, and Carrots. And if you are a non-vegetarian, then we suggest you in having eggs, shellfish(contains zinc that maintains the color), and meat liver.


Vitamins and Minerals

Not just protein, vitamins and minerals also help in eradicating the grey hairs, and we have mentioned some of them below:

Vitamin A: As we had mentioned earlier vegetables like carrot not only assist in improving your eyesight but also in lowering the number of grey hairs you have. Green vegetables and yellow fruits are excellent sources to get your job done and also helps in maintaining the metabolism rate.

Vitamin B: Another vitamin which is resourceful and yet compelling at the same time is Vitamin B. Eating more green leafy vegetables, yogurts, rice, soy, tomatoes, and bananas help in removing the hairs which you feel embarrassed about.

Minerals: Zinc, Iron, and Copper are the minerals you need to make your hair look stronger and get back to the old color. Zinc includes oysters, and chicken leg and green vegetables. Iron is present in red meat, tofu, eggs and sunflower seeds. Copper is found in almonds and cashews, hazelnuts and the Beef Liver.

If you are a vegetarian then adding Hemp seeds and lentils in your dish will help and also try having oatmeals and low-fat yogurt.

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Black Tea Massage

You might know that black tea is beneficial when it comes to preventing cancer and improving cardiovascular health. Here is another great benefit as it also helps in defeating the growth of white-grey hairs. Here is the process of how black tea will be beneficial:

  1. Take two cups of water and start boiling it in a bowl
  2. Add one tablespoon leaves of black tea in the boiling water and let it simmer for 5 to 10 minutes.
  3. The water will be completely black once the ingredients are blend together.
  4. Now pour it into a fresh bowl with its face wide open and allow it to cool down.
  5. Transfer the solution in a bottle and now use it to rinse your hair for about 10 minutes
  6. After applying the solution massage and wash your hair with cold water. Do not use shampoo as it might not affect the usage of Black tea leaves
  7. Practicing this method for twice or thrice a week will you get the results quickly.


Henna and Mehndi

These are perhaps the best and the most cost-effective way to cover your grey hair. Both Henna and Mehndi are the first remedies that your mother comes up whenever she spots a grey hair.

If either of henna or Mehndi does not work, then it is probably because of the quality of the products are not up to the mark.

Apply henna and Mehndi just before taking a bath or probably even an hour before in this manner it can be helpful. This not only helps in giving you your black hair back but also strengthen your hair.

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Lemon Juice

Doctors recommend lemon juice and not just alone but along with various other ingredients. Combination of beet, carrot, and lemon will add some highlights to your hairs. Blending these ingredients will work in not restoring color but also an extra layer of support to your strands.

Also, try lemon juice with coconut oil and massage your hair with this mixture. Doing this regularly will get you the results rather quickly.

Note that when you are applying the mixture of lemon, beet, and carrot, make sure to cover your face or applying oil around ears and neck as they might leave color your skin too.

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There are numerous ways to get your hair black and smooth as before but you have to wait for the remedies or cures mentioned above cannot help you overnight.

Besides, if you are a smoker and are complaining about grey hairs, try quit smoking before it is too late and leaving as early as possible at a young age like mid-20s or 30s.

While some wear pride in flaunting those grey and white hairs but this is also a concern for people who look way older than they are supposed to be.

We recommend you to consult a professional if you notice that white and grey hair are overtaking the black hairs. There are plenty of non-natural methods like dyes that claim to give your black hairs back, but we suggest you stick with natural remedies.


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