Skinlite Cream- Review, Side Effects, Uses and Precautions.

What is Skinlite cream?


The human skin color is defined predominantly by a pigment called melanin that is produced by a group of cells called melanocytes. Melanin is found in the outer skin layer also known as the epidermis. Mostly all skin lightening creams aim to reduce melanin production thereby lightening the skin color. Skinlite, as the name aptly suggests is a skin lightening cream for topical application. Heralded as a fairness cream for reducing pigmentation and dark spots, the main chemical components are Hydroquinone, Tretinoin, and Mometasone. These chemicals are efficient in bleaching the skin thereby improving the complexion and reducing inflammation that causes the dark spots. Manufactured in India by Zydus Pharma, the cream is ubiquitously available as over the counter medication at a pocket-friendly price.

How to Use Skinlite Cream?

review,how to use skinlite cream

Usage, as suggested by the majority of users, is twice daily on the dark spots for about 2-3 weeks and once from there on. Alternatively, this may be used once during the night only. Various users have reported that Skinlite works like a magic potion with a noticeable reduction in the dark patches and freckles in a few weeks. The success of the product is mainly because of the bleach effect that is usually found in the skin care regimen. This is possible with the Hydroquinone. Further, along with the presence of anti-inflammatory chemicals that reduce the dark spots, the result can be very satisfactory regarding the reduction of age spots that have occurred over a period. Achieving an even and glowing skin tone is a high priority for many of us. Given the pollution and harsh weather conditions these days, skin loses its youthful texture and hence becomes dull and lifeless. Combined with the lifestyle issues, regular skin care can be a practical challenge. If your wedding date is fast approaching and you have not been into fairness products all this while, then this may be your go-to savior save. The positive results concerning skin tone softening in a short while making this product very popular.

As in all skin care routines, the user has to understand that quick fixes always come with the flip side. The chemicals that are part of the product are not devoid of side effects. Hydroquinone, one of the main components of the cream, has steroids that can be absorbed into the body through the skin and hence prolonged usage is not advisable. Research indicates that steroids can lead to weight gain, loss of sleep and depression in extreme cases. The reduction of melanin due to prolonged usage of the cream can lead to allergies and skin irritation in certain situations. Consumers are hence advised to use a sunscreen lotion with high SPF (sun protection factor) while using Skinlite as the bleaching of skin can lead to sun damage. There have been no restrictions on Skinlite usage for pregnant women and lactating mothers, however, lack of detailed research in this area does act as a hindrance.

Precautions And Side-Effects.


Although this is an OTC drug, it is advisable to use under a prescription from a qualified dermatologist. The product at best can be utilized over a restricted period and then discontinued. As per specialists, skin care should be a continuous holistic procedure rather than a topical application of an ointment for a few weeks or months. Dermatologists, in many cases, prefer a milder version of anti pigmentation creams, as Skinlite may not be a viable solution in the long term. Age-old practices of protecting the skin against the harsh Ultra Violet (UV) rays, regular cleansing, toning and moisturizing as per the skin type should be followed to achieve an even skin tone.

The discussion about skin color is never complete without a mention of understanding and embracing one’s ethnicity induced pigmentation pattern. The melanin content in a dark pigmented African or Asian skin is higher compared to the melanin content present in an American, European and Hispanic skin tone. Based on evolution and the adaptability of the human race depending on the weather and environmental conditions, Melanin plays a significant role in shielding against the UV radiation. The chemicals that are part of Skinlite tend to reduce the melanin content of a highly pigmented skin texture thereby exposing the skin to harmful UV rays. This needs to be adequately balanced with the application of sunscreen lotion.

It is recommended to get an expert opinion, particularly from a dermatologist about the usage of Skinlite and its potential results and side effects. In the Indian market, various herbal products claim to offer similar results with minimal side effects compared to their chemical counterpart. No two skin colors are alike and hence the outcome may vary for every user. Skinlite or not, it is ultimately the confidence in one’s skin that matters the most.